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From: Manos Pitsidianakis <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2023 16:01:00 +0200
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Hello all, new release published on, git mirrors.

You can install/update with:

  cargo install meli

Fixes and enhancements

- Add extra_submission_headers option to support posting to Newsgroups
  (which need a Newsgroup header).
- Show error description when TIOCGWINSZ fails (i.e. we are not in a
- Add QUIT command to SMTP transactions (Andrei Zisu @matzipan)
- Fix SMTP end sequence (Andrei Zisu @matzipan)
- Fix date formatting in conversations index style.
- Replace splice with truncate in melib/imap, which was hurting
- Update yanked ahash dependency.
- Removed pcre2 dependency from default features.
- Removed managesieve-client from shipped binaries, it was included by
  accident before.
- Add "static" feature and make it default: TLS libraries, libcurl,
  libsqlite3, libz, and libdbus are now vendored by default eliminating
  the need for system dependencies.
- Replace CRLF to LF when editing a draft in the composer.

As always, if you are able, you can report any bugs[0] and ask any 
questions you have on IRC[1].

- Manos / epilys

[1]: Join the #meli channel on, port 6697 with TLS.