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From: Manos Pitsidianakis <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 12:43:09 +0300
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Hello everyone and thank you for your interest.

I'm writing to let you know development is still alive, though there
haven't been any tagged releases lately. This is because I keep adding
features and fixes I want, and haven't finalised a solid version

Some changes that come to mind are:

- ui: Add search in pagers
- imap: add server_password_command
- configuration: Add per-folder and per-account configuration overrides.
  e.g. `accounts."imap.domain.tld".mailboxes."INBOX".index_style = "plain"`
- themes: Add Italics, Blink, Dim and Hidden text attributes
- themes: add support for themeing substrings that match a regexp
- themes: add support for color and attribute aliases in theme files
- ui: manual refresh for mailbox view
- enhanced, portable Makefile
- added Debian packaging
- added `default_header_values`: default header values used when creating a new draft
- ui: switch between sidebar and mailbox view with {left,right} keys for more intuitive navigation
- ui: add optional filter query for each mailbox view to view only the matching subset of messages (for example, you can hide all seen envelopes with `filter = "not flags:seen"`
- mbox: add support for multiple mbox mailboxes
- numerous other fixes for notmuch, IMAP. Proper new notifications
  recognition for IMAP

Next moves are improving the async front. While the present job system
may be improved, it might make sense to switch to Rust's async features.
I'm looking into whether an existing futures executor can be used or a
custom one shall be made. This is because meli works with an event
notification system and jobs aren't going to be awaited in the UI
thread, the executor should notify the UI thread that jobs are ready to
be polled.

You can check out the main git branch and provide feedback and bug

PS: Some people have been sending messages in the list but were rejected
by the DMARC daemon: I have disabled the verification for the mailing
list but I don't know if it will work.